Our Win, Win Pricing Policy


Read this section carefully - it's entirely possible that you might qualify for more than 20% off our standard labour costs!!


Feedback Discount 

Dedicated to continuous improvement we can only ever radically better our service by gaining honest feedback and input from you. It is for this reason that Synergy Electrical offers a whopping 5% discount off all our labour costs if you agree to give feedback on your experience with us to an independent third party. Your feedback is linked to our pay!


Senior Citizens Discount

Customers over the age of 60 automatically qualify for a 5% discount off our labour costs.


Prompt Payment Discount

Let’s face it, the costs incurred by us having to chasing money and balance cash-flow are unnecessary and only increase the cost of our service to you. To eliminate these costs we offer all customers a 5% discount if you pay your electrician, by same day internet banking transfer, debit card or cash payment immediately on completion of the job.


Environmental Impact Reduction Schemes

As an organisation we are keen to reduce the impact we and our customers have on the environment. To promote good environmental practice and to ensure further savings we offer two ways in which you can help.

Firstly, customers who communicate via phone, text or email immediately qualify for a 2% discount off all labour costs.

Secondly, to promote the use of energy saving products we undertake to provide all these products at cost price. You save not only on the product but also by enjoying reduced electricity costs in the future!


Quiet Period Incentive Discount Scheme 

Got non urgent electrical work that needs doing, consider this! As with all trades we have busy days and we have quiet days. To help us manage this we offer a 5% discount off labour costs on all non-urgent work. Under this scheme we will undertake to finish your work within an agreed 30 day period if you agree to let us complete the work during our quieter periods. If it’s a large project, we may complete the work in several stages during the 30 day period. This may not suit everyone because it often involves arranging mutually convenient times a day or two before we are due. Discuss it with us when you call.


Life Long Customers Discount Scheme

A big percentage of our business comes from repeat customers! From a business perspective, we never just look at single transaction. It is always our most sincere hope that your first dealings with us are the beginning of a lifelong relationship. This view changes the very nature of our business. If you enjoy dealing with us and we do a brilliant job then there’s every reason for you to come back next time you have an electrical need. Here is another reason – repeat customers automatically qualify for an additional 5% discount.


Friends and Family Recommendation Discount Scheme

Over 80% of our business comes from word of mouth.We want to continue to encourage this behaviour because it reduces our marketing costs, helps us to gain more of the customers we enjoy dealing with and ultimately it keeps our prices low! Here’s how it works.

If as a customer or a friend of our business you recommend us to a person that ultimately makes use of our service, then the person making use of our service qualifies for an immediate 5% discount off all labour costs. Make sure they mention your name! 


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